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              Born in 1993, Sergio Sanchez “Serge Serum” is a Mexican self taught who started his practice spray painting in the streets of Compton, Los Angeles. Graffiti taught him how art could be temporary, whether it later be destroyed, worked over, or crossed out. Having grown up in a place where clashing cultural identities must melt together, and experiencing the fragmenting experiences of cultural unrooting and displacement, his works constantly interrogate themes of being, not being and belonging. Currently based between LA and Berlin, Serge’s works continue to reflect an attempt to collect fragments, through collage and combining artistic disciplines, to create a bond between the individual and his diverse spaces. His works resemble simultaneously a clash and melt of worlds and elements, a painful merging of pieces that were perhaps not meant to exist in the same place. The final piece is never final, often containing elements of other pieces, merged into the new. Through this process, he gives value to things that have been discarded or have even been considered deceased. 



Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021- Carrion, SomoS, Berlin, Germany

2019- Lingered Memories, Last Projects, Los Angeles, CA

2018- Left Uncertain…, James Black Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2018- Yours Truly, The Ou Gallery, Duncan BC, Canada

2017- To Take Comfort, Contemporary Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020- Death Doula, La Luz De Jesus, Los Angeles, CA

2019- Morph, Mash Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca

2019- In Distinction From The Material World, Cuchifritos Gallery, New York,NY

2018- I Am Me and We Are Free, Hue Gallery, Kansas City

2018- Queer Biennal, Naval Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2018- Satellite Venue, Last Projects, Los Angeles, CA

2018- Equivocal,Vancouver Art Community, Vancouver, Canada

2017- Radiant Future, Last Projects, Los Angeles, CA

2017- Drinkin' Smokin' & West Coastin', Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2017- Summer of Love: Reflections on Pulse, Albin Polasek Museum, Orlando,FL

2017- Royal Trash, Bethnal Green, London, England

2016- The Fuchur, Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


2022- Culterim, Berlin, Germany

2021- SomoS, Berlin, Germany

2019- Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn, NY

2018- James Black,Vancouver, Canada

2018- The Ou, Vancouver, Canada


2019- Architectural Digest, Painting Feature

2019- Kaltbult, Featured Artist 

2017- Amadeus Magazine,Artist Interview

2017- Animals Magazine, Featured Artist

2017- Subvrt Magazine, Featured Artist

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